postnatal massage

The Postnatal Programme

This programme has naturally developed, largely due to the success of our Fertility Programme. Becoming a mother, especially for the first time, is a period of psycho emotional, social and physical adaptation which can be fraught with anxieties and worries.

Physical recovery from the birth takes time – sometimes up to a year in the case of the musculoskeletal system – extra stress can delay a full return to normal. Research on the value of using complementary therapies in the puerperium appears largely confined to lactation issues and wound healing, with more research becoming available to address stress reduction.

Most women experience a range of discomfort in the first few days after giving birth. Whether it be abdominal, perineal, back or neck pain, the severity of discomfort commonly being related to the mode of delivery.

How can massage and aromatherapy oils help?

Massage has been shown to aid sleep in the early postpartum period. As we are clinical aromatherapists here at The Wellbeing Centre a massage combined with carefully selected essential oils, could improve anxiety and depression. The benefits of inhalation and dermal absorption of the essential oils is compounded by many research studies one such as where anxiety, stress and depression were significantly lower in postpartum women who received essential oil inhalation.

Aswell as the individual treatments that can be booked – we have designed treatment packages, selected on therapies that can support the new mum.

Postnatal Treatment Package

Package A: £140  

  • Aromatherapy Massage – 55m  
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage – 25m 
  • Clinical Reflexology – 55m 
  • Essential Oil Inhalation Stick

Package B: £210

  • Aromatherapy Massage – 55m
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage – 25m x 2
  • Clinical Reflexology – 55m x 2
  • Essential Oil Inhalation Stick

Package C: £ 300

  • Aromatherapy Massage – 55m x 2
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage – 25m x 2
  • Clinical Reflexology – 55m x 3
  • Essential Oil Inhalation Stick

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Our knowledgeable team will be happy to take you through the benefits and uses of each treatment in more detail.