baby feet having reflexology

The Infant Massage & Reflexology Programme

Workshop for Parents and Carers

Our infant massage and reflexology programme has been developed and designed to help parents, carers, family and friends. It can enable you to offer children the benefits of reflexology in a way that is fun, relaxing and can help support the natural bonding.

BENEFITS: After the child is born, essential medical checks are performed that include the “heel prick test”. This is usually an unpleasant experience for the baby who then may become wary of having his/her feet touched. Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy that can assist with many common ailments of childhood. The feet contain may reflex points that correspond to different parts of the body. When these reflex points are stimulated it can ease problems within that area of the body to support the body’s own ability to self heal. Reflexology is a therapy that assists your body to bring about equilibrium to help restore its natural balance.

As well as providing invaluable therapeutic benefits, this programme is designed to aid in the bonding process between both adult and child. The programme will offer help at times when you feel a situation is helpless, such as a child suffering in pain. Within the programme not only will you receive the opportunity to comfort the child, you will be able to relieve their discomfort. Repeatedly using the tools that you will learn will provide ongoing support to children. If a medical condition exists where medication is prescribed, reflexology can support but not replace and any such request can only be sanctioned by a medical practitioner. Reflexology for children can begin at birth – gentle stimulation of the new-born’s feet will help develop that important bond. Gentle pressure is used for infants and children and can assist with allergies, digestive problems such as colic or constipation, insomnia, bed wetting, teething stress and anxiety.


1:1 sessions available these would be split over 2 sessions £150

Group classes available – these are run weekly for 5 weeks £50

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