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Specialist Programmes and Workshops

As well as our one-off treatments, we offer a number of bespoke therapy programmes for a range of specific circumstances. We now have aromatherapy and baby massage workshops available.

In each programme listed below our therapist will work with you for a set number of weeks to provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment for your particular needs. By working with you over a number of weeks your therapist will be able to gain a far deeper understanding of your issue that would be possible in a single session, and take a more comprehensive and holistic approach to treating it. Our support ranges from fertility for couples, postnatal care and tailored cancer care therapies. All our therapists are trained and qualified to deliver our bespoke complementary therapy programmes.

Current Programmes

The Touch Therapy Programme for Children Programme

Our touch therapy programme has been designed for children with autism, complex medical needs and ADHD. Find out more about how our we can help you and your family

The Fertility Programme

Our highly successful fertility programme has helped more than eight in every ten couples we have treated to conceive. Using a range of proven and effective complementary therapies, we treat your body and mind to maximise your chances of success.

The Infant Massage & Reflexology Programme

Our infant massage and reflexology programme has been developed and designed to help parents, carers, family and friends. It can enable you to offer children the benefits of reflexology in a way that is fun, relaxing and can help support the natural bonding.

The Cancer Care Programme

The treatment of cancer comes with many side effects. Our qualified and experienced practitioners have explored how we can help cancer patients. Within The Cancer Care Programme we now offer bespoke treatments, adapting each treatment accordingly to each and everyone's individual needs.

The Postnatal Programme

So much goes into helping women’s bodies prepare for birth, but many people do not consider the toll that the birth process and subsequent lack of sleep and day-to-day caring for a child can have on the body. Our post-natal programme helps new mothers by treating a complete range of conditions that can be experienced following birth.

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