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Reflexology has Helped 100 Couples Conceive

Our clinical reflexology specialist, Louise Davies discusses the real benefits of clinical reflexology helping couples conceive.

Struggling to get pregnant can be one of the most stressful things for any couple. You might be tracking your cycle to the minute. You’re eating everything nutritious and adapted your lifestyle to a very fertile-friendly one. There is no sign of you and your partner becoming pregnant. Here’s how clinical reflexology helps couples to conceive.

What is Reflexology?

“There are 7000 nerve endings in the feet,” Louise Davies, reflexologist, says. “The ancient art of reflexology access nerve endings which are linked to every organ and system in the body. Through skillful manipulation a reflexologist can help to unblock the flow of energy in organs and rebalance entire systems. It is a very soothing and relaxing treatment applied, normally to the feet.”

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How can reflexology help couples conceive?

“Used in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle changes, reflexology can be very effective in clearing toxins from the body, balancing hormones and reducing stress in preparation for conception.

“One in six couples will experience fertility issues. A further one in six will experience secondary infertility, where a couple have had at least one baby already but cannot get pregnant again.” Louise says.

“For women, the cause can be polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, underactive thyroid, failure to ovulate or often just unexplained,” she says.

Reflexology to boost men’s fertility

Just like in women, reflexology in conjunction with good nutrition and lifestyle changes, boosts the immune system. It reduces inflammation and improves sleep which in turn reduces stress hormones and associated fat storage.

The key areas for men are related to sperm health. Sperm count, motility (ability to swim) and morphology (shape – one head, one tail). Men make new sperm every day, but they are not mature enough to fertilise an egg until they are three months old.

Try our fertility programme and see for yourself

Louise has developed a bespoke fertility programme for couples trying to conceive naturally or need support through the stages of IVF.

“Reflexology has been a recognised support health for over 5000 years,” Louise says. “Nature has been helping us reproduce since the beginning of time. Being more aligned with nature can help with infertility. By using natural techniques to re-balance the body fertility can be re-established as nature intended.”

How successful is reflexology to help couples conceive?

It can be very effective if you eat a good nutritious diet and adapt your lifestyle to a healthier one without smoking and getting your Body Mass Index (BMI) to a healthy level.

Louise has helped around  100 couples to successfully conceive beautiful babies.

What other remedies are there to boost fertility?

Remember it takes three months for every egg and every sperm to mature. Take it into consideration when you and your partner are trying to conceive and always plan preconception care for three months.

Louise recommends adding folic acid (400ius) to your diet in this preconception period. “Ideally it would be taken in a multivitamin or B complex formula as this is how it occurs in nature,” she says.

She also encourages couples to track ovulation but not just by using a simple online app. “Having regular periods does not mean you are ovulating,” Louise says. It is necessary to check in with your body by checking body temperature, cervical fluids, urine or saliva. Each method will give you an indication of ovulation activity, which you can then record in your app.

Reflexology for pregnancy and beyond

Reflexology can be used to ease pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, pelvic pain, heartburn and swelling in the feet.

“It is also used for birth preparation, usually from week 32. Reflexology boosts the production of labour hormones and clear the pathways so that the baby can move easily into the birthing space. It can help labour kick off on time without medical intervention,” Louise says.

About Louise

Louise Davies qualified in reflexology in 2012 and specialises in fertility and pregnancy. Louise recently partnered with CRGW the highly successful private fertility clinic. “It is the most incredibly rewarding career and I look forward to going to work every single day.”

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