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Aisling(Ash) Pigott is a Registered Dietitian (BsC Human Nutrition and Dietetics, PgCert Sports Nutrition, MSc Advanced Dietetic Practice). Ash has almost a decade of experience across a variety of healthcare, private and academic settings. She is anti-fad, but pro-health, choice and wellbeing. Ash works closely with the media both in Wales and nationally (BBC, ITV, Channel 5) promoting positive messages around food, nutrition and relationships with food.

Ash will work closely with you to understand your needs and work out a unique plan that suitable for you. Ash is available the first Saturday of every month.

Aisling(Ash) Pigott is a Registered Dietitian
Aisling(Ash) Pigott is a Registered Dietitian

Fertility Nutrition

As a Dietitian, Ash understands the importance of nutrition from pre-conception, right throughout a child’s life. However, the period of pre-conception can be a difficult time for all of us. Often, people (particularly women) I work with feel that their diet and lifestyle choices are ‘blamed’ or ‘targeted’ when there are difficulties conceiving, which adds unnecessary pressure during a difficult time. As an anti-fad and evidence-based practitioner, I don’t sell magic answers or restrictive diets but I do encourage both partners to join me for up to date supportive sessions to explore and support optimum nutrition in a balanced way (YES- that does mean a little of what you fancy is GOOD!). Find out more about our fertility programme.

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